Why not wear a kilt ?

Kilts are great attire for men. I find that many Americans want to compartmentalize stereotypes of cultures. The TV column show, 60 Minutes recently did a story where they hired dopey ugly Americans claiming to be from Texas, and put them in Paris France. Everyone expected the French to get nasty. The french loved the couple, but it was the Americans who came up and tried to set this couple straight. 

Same goes for Kilts in America. People get this notion that you have to be somebody to be somebody. If you are Scot, you can do it just for special occasions, and for costume, but that’s it. Kind of like Parade Girl just mentioned how it should only be worn for a parade, otherwise left at home. This is a huge misconception. 

You don’t have to be Scot. Tartan is poor man’s coat of arms, and oddly Americans get more into it than Scots in general do. They put ancestry on a pedestal. It can get silly. Anyone, even a black fellow with zero celtic heritage can don a kilt. 

It does take a lot of man to actually wear them. You will get some negative comments, mostly from the bubba men out there, and some of their women folk. Most people will smile at you, and will have a few choice questions. It’s suppose to be mystery about going regimental. I personally don’t because I like sit like a guy, and sometimes the kilt can pop up on you, the way men sit. I don’t try to sit like a lady because I am not one, when I wear my Kilt. 

Just make sure that if you get one, make sure how it looks on you in all situations–try going up and down stairs and stuff like that. I would recommend making sure you look good. So many people wear them sloppy. Kilt wearers are a new American breed, make us all proud.

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