What is the difference between kilts and skirts?

A KILT IS a SKIRT by definition! (Look it up). It is just a particular type of skirt that is tartan, usually knee length, heavy, hot and expensive!!! 

You will see answers here about Scottish men, etc. and that a Kilt is not a Skirt but it really is. Men have worn skirts longer than women. They just aren’t in fashion in the Western world for now yet in 70% of the world Skirts are an option for men to wear!! It’s really not a big deal people make it out to be. We are accustomed to men wearing only pants not skirts yet women only recently adopted men’s pants largely in the late 50’s and 60’s. It is only a matter of time for men to rediscover skirts. They are significantly cooler than shorts on a hot day and the freedom of movement is incredible with a short one. A skirt (long) will trap more warm air and keep you warmer in cold weather (less material transferring the cold to your legs). Win win… 

Here’s some guys in skirts and kilts (skirts) http://www.picturetrail.com/sfx/album/vi… and notice how boring they look after seeing so many. Kind of like seeing women in pants….really no big deal unless you happen to be a homophobe. 

Many women’s skirts work for guys now “as is” without modifications. Best looking and most practical are is another category of skirts called “Cargo Skirts” because they are usually plain, have belt loops, and many pockets. Check www.ebay.com and search for “Cargo Skirt”. Juniors sizes are best for the guys because the hips are not too big. Once you wear one you won’t give it up and you will wonder what is taking men so long to adopt something so practical!

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