Prince Charlie Jackets

These Prince Charlie Jackets are the formal highland jackets that are usually used for special occasions. These are pieces of Scottish highland heritage. When these are used with kilt it depicts your Scottish pride with wonderful modern and fashionable outlook. These are used in highlands so made up of warmer fabrics. The lapel facing of the jackets contains satin silk which makes these jackets more formal. The lining of the jackets is also of satin. There is no outside pocket on these jackets. There are two inside pockets of the jacket. For each jacket, there are two braided epaulets with one button on the shoulders.  These jackets contain no fastening button in the front of the jacket. The backside of the jackets contains skirt flaps which add on to its generosity. Again Kilt Collection is facilitating you for customization in colors, size, and design which accord your personality.

Material Used:

The following are the materials that are used to make the Prince Charlie Jacket. It is dependent on customer requirements. Kilt Collection is making Prince Charlie Kilt Jackets in serge wool, tweed wool, Melton wool, barathea wool, tartan acrylic wool, Velvet, Iqbal fabric, and vicuna wool. These fabrics are wonderful options.

Hardware Used:

The hardware that is used in these jackets is chrome buttons. These buttons are added in front of jacket, vest, on shoulders and on sleeves. This decoration adds to the generosity and pride of the Prince Charlie Jacket.

Kilt Vests:

The lapel facing of the Kilt Vest contains satin silk. The kilt vest of this jacket contains the same fabric as the kilt jacket on the front side. On the backside of the vest, there is satin with a waist adjusting belt. The Scottish kilt vest contains two pockets on the outside with no inside pocket. There is three chrome button in front of the vest adds in its beauty.

Here are out top Selling Scottish Jacket whole range of the price charlie jackets provided by the Kilt Collection.

Prince Charlie Jackets

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