Hybrid Kilts

Hybrid Kilts are a combination of two different shade cloths. Hybrid Kilts are also known as a two-tone kilt. It is known as a hybrid kilt due to the Hybridization of two different shade cloths. It is a symbol of heritage and pride with modernization. Hybrid Kilts are designed for Men who are passionate about work and adventure. These Kilts are designed to be worn on rough and tough situations. It is a great choice for those who feel bored with monochrome or one tone kilts. It's the same basic design as our modern kilts but made out of the combination of two different color cloths.

These are available in Cotton Kilts, Jean's Kilts, Tartan Kilts, Camouflage Kilts, and Leather kilts. Pleats of a Cotton hybrid kilt can be of Tartan as required. These kilts are elegantly sewn down having box pleats. So, pleats stay intact all the time. Kilt Master is also providing customization in this kilt like other kilts.

1. This kilt is also custom-fit kilt. So, you can get it in custom-fit size in waists, length.
2. You can also choose your favorite color and fabric like cotton, camouflage, tartan, and leather.
3. You can also choose the buttons and hardware available in silver brass or matte black.

All our Kilts are purely handmade by the team of Kilt Master. Our experts take 15 business days to manufacture, handle, and ship one Kilt.

Hybrid Kilts

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