Firefighter Kilts

As you all know about firefighters who keep their lives at risk to save your lives. Similarly Kilt Master is providing firefighter kilts for you which will save you in such drastic conditions. Our firefighter kilt contains such heavy cotton which resists fire. As firefighters risk their lives, this kilt is an amazing option for them. They could wear this kilt while performing their life-saving duties. Our firefighter kilts are made up of two types of fabrics.

1. Simple Cotton Made Kilts are mostly made of 100% Pure Cotton / Poly-Cotton or Canvas Cotton. This cotton is low by the cast but not fire-resistant. Such kinds of kilts are worn by Security persons or Safety Workers/ Construction Base Workers who work at night and want to be visible.


2. Second is the FR Cotton made Kilt; these have been made of Fire Resistance Processed Cotton and FR remains till 30-40 washes. This is a lightweight fireproof fabric. It is processed by such kinds of chemical processes which make it fire-resistant. This fabric does not get any harm even in the fire. But it does not mean that it has a lifetime guarantee. If you keep on going in fire continuously then this fabric will also convert into ashes.

Reflective Ribbon:

An additional accessory that is added in this kilt is the reflective ribbon. This ribbon reflects light. This ribbon has an LED effect. Due to this ribbon in this kilt, it could be visible in the darkness. Kilt Master is using this Reflective Ribbon in front of the kilt which makes it prominent in darkness. Like all other kilts, this kilt is also customizable. Size, length, color, and hardware could customize as per requirement.

Firefighter Kilts

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