Is it acceptable for black men to wear kilts?

Yes for a start black people are born in Scotland so are Scottish and can dress as a Scot because they are. Non Scottish people aren’t discouraged from kilts as unlike Indian or African cultural appropriation no one killed us and turned us in to slaves (except the English but we made up with them). For a long time the traditional kilt was banned and kilts are not the same as they were when English and Scottish land owners burned us from our homes. Most Scottish people domy mind our auld enemy wearing a kilt either as they tend to only wear it after joining a clan (Scottish family) and are therefore entitled to the clan tartan. Wearing a kilt is not an honour given to people. Some tartans are name based others not and people could have their own tartan designed for them. Wearing kilts does not cheapen Scottish people you aren’t dressed in clothes of people you kept as slaves. Not to mention kilts were worn in different forms in many places so are not only Scottish. The black people part is so insensitive it sounds like you are looking for an argument against black people disliking cultural appropriation but the kilt argument does not work for that As many men wrapped material tartan or other around their junk so it’s not purely a Scottish form of dress. Dreads are Scottish as well as African but things like corn rows arnd tribal wear aere and native Americans and Africans do get to say they don’t like slave owners appropriting their culture but Scottish people are fine as black people didn’t put Jim Crow rules on us. Plus our kilts were part viking part loincloth anyway.

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