Do Scotsmen wear pants under a kilt?

I get very fed up with this question because normally people who ask it are convinced that it’s funny and the conversation segues in a “nudge nudge, wink wink” direction. The traditional answers include “a welcoming smile”, and “nothing’s worn, it’s all in perfect working order” etc. Yawn. However, in this case, it was asked by the awesome Ian Logan whose own response to this question is relevant and informative. Please read it. Ian Logan’s answer to Do Scotsmen wear pants under a kilt?

So I’ll add my tuppence worth, this time from a female perspective.

Some men do wear underwear, some don’t. I wish they all did. Don’t get me wrong, I love to see a man in a kilt: they are almost universally flattering. However, not all men in kilts have mastered the art of “sitting like a lady” and you can therefore get an eyeful of something you’d really rather have left to the imagination.

I went to a major clan gathering affair a couple of years ago, and an older gentleman was having a picnic oblivious to the fact that as he sat there in his deckchair, his meat and two veg were on display for all to see. No doubt he was enjoying a sense of freedom and breezes about the nether regions, but the event field was filled with children among others who really didn’t need to see him expose himself. I hope and trust he didn’t do this deliberately. Someone ought to have told him to sit with greater decorum, but I didn’t.

Women don’t find it sexy to be flashed at, deliberately or otherwise. Children especially shouldn’t have to deal with this. If men want to have a “who can pee highest up the wall” competition – let them do that in male only company when they are not with unwilling observers.

Male Highland dancers wear underwear and I think all other Scotsmen should take a leaf out of their book.

Please, gents: be informed that the preferred course of action in these modern times is wear black close fitting jersey boxer shorts, or similar enclosing dark underwear. That actually does preserve the mystery, and I promise your womenfolk with thank you for not embarrassing them.

Please ladies: refrain from being disrespectful to a kilted male by asking. You’d find it distasteful and potentially sexually harassing to be asked about your underwear. Give men the courtesy of equal consideration.

Overseas visitors: you’ll find my previously expressed opinion at No.2 on this list: Janie Keddie’s answer to What should I absolutely not do when visiting your country?

There you have it: a real answer to an age old question.

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