Are kilts in fashion at the moment?

Kilts are cool, even on guys. I do think young pretty girls look cute in Kilt skirts. Men definitely more traditional kilts down to the knee. I typically don’t like the long look on either sex. Some punk looks have kilts down to the ankles, and they look funky not to mention heavy. 

We were at the Scottish Festival here in Arlington Texas last weekend, and there was this one 50 year old lady in a Kilt Skirt. Her face said 50, her body said 25, and kilt was glorious, but she could pull it off ( think kilts make women look younger-and most women like that). Of course her husband got her twirling to some celtic rock songs and she was going authentic, and everybody was impressed when that kilt spun up, at least the guys were–well shaved. I was actually shocked as I was expecting sexy underwear or something along those lines. 

Here kilt skirt still remains on my mind to this day, not her, so very cool if you can pull it off although you might want underwear unless you want to freak some people out.

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